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Rainbow Skull Bath Bomb

Rainbow Skull Bath Bomb

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Haunt your bath time with this spooky skull bath bomb! Meditate in the earthy scents of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, and iris flowers. Handmade with vegan ingredients, this gothic bath bomb features a 3D human skull design, haunted with a hidden rainbow inside! Simply pop this sinister skull bath bomb into your tub to watch the water turn into a magical rainbow concoction, designed to relax, rejuvenate, and reenergize. 

  • Skull Bath Bomb.
  • Contains Hidden Rainbow Inside!
  • Ouhd Wood Scent: Smells Like Sandalwood, Vanilla, Soft Florals, Cedar, and Frankincense.
  • Designed to Uplight and Reenergize.
  • Skin-Safe and 100% Vegan.
  • Each Bath Bomb is 8oz. 
  • 4.2" L x 3" W.
  • Handmade by VampireFreaks. 


💜  Baking Soda
💙  Citric Acid
💚  Corn Starch
💜  Epsom Salts
💙  Kaolin Clay
💚  Cream of Tartar
💜  Grapeseed Oil
💙  Polysorbate 80
💚  Fragrance
💜  Red 27
💙  Blue 1
💚  Yellow 5
💜  Witchhazel

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